Custom handmade heirloom clothing for children
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Legacy and Tradition

An "Heirloom" can be many things: a grandfather's watch,, a table from a greatgrandmother's home, maybe her silver or china that was inherited, a family Bible, or any number of items that have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of us have some one, or more, items that hold special significance to us because they once belonged to a cherished family member.

In my world, heirlooms are, specifically, items of clothing. Christening gowns (as they are typically called) are one of the most cherished. Baby daygowns, pretty little dresses and outfits, caps and bonnets are also items that many people love to save, pass down, and have a child's photo taken wearing them. It is , in a sense, connecting our past with our future.

Heirloom garments can, with the proper care, last for many generations. In a future post, I will share some of my best tips on how to care for your heirloom pieces.

My granddaughter wearing her mother's gown


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